Which door do you choose?

moving into a kind, and gentle reality.


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I felt I had nothing to share this week, but I sat down and clicked my voice note recorder instead of refusing the pulse of openness. Out came this story, and these visuals followed, and the music tumbled over them like water. And my son’s voice and wisdom brought it all together with this one perfect, heartfelt sound.

Sometimes we listen too long to the voices inside our head, we start to believe them, and then, indeed, we become them. Our peocupation with these voices can keep us away from the very acts of creativity, conversation, service, or love that bring us alive. But all is never lost. There is always a creative pulse inside us, joyfully, without cause, simply because it is, singing away as if the center of our universe. Joy is. Underneath, besides, below, above—Joy. Beauty. You, and I. We can’t get away from it. Oh, blessed life, how you make me smile. How you show me, relentlessly the way back into the center of my love.

Which door will you choose?