See the forest for the trees

Apr 28, 2022

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Dear friend,

I’ve been meaning to express my gratitude for the stories you shared over the last thread (‘Ask Sarah > Sarah Asks You’). As I read your reflections, a common cord resounds—an attentive love and care for life. Though what we experience can feel burdensome, painful, and extreme, I hear the calm heart beholding its life. The beauty and depth of your sharing have given me more evidence of the kindness and goodness of humankind. I thank you for sharing so generously the sweet contents of your being. I carry you with me as I weave my way through the forest. I breathe in the weight and gravity and extend it out through the crown of my leaves. May we walk in solidarity through the woodland— emptying, recycling, and purifying ourselves. There is a way, and it is FREE.

Thank you for your company.